About This Author

I am a moderate Democrat, someone not heard from much these days. We are the people who keep this country running, The people who either go to work everyday or run a small business. I have never collected welfare, or foodstamps, nor unemployment. I take personal responsibilty for my own actions and I do not expect the Government to support me, although at this point it seems I am supporting it. I believe that help should be there for people in an emergency but I do not believe in birth to death welfare. I worked my way through college and I am glad that I live in this country. I believe for equality for everyone. Everyone can have a chance, you just have to take it.

I believe the democratic party has been hijacked by the left, the voice of moderation, the voice of fiscal responsibilty, balanced budgets and smaller government will not be a part of this election cycle and in my opinion that is unfortunate.